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When to replace locks

Our Buford Locksmith Services technicians are sometimes asked when a good time to replace locks is. The inquiring customer is either trying to save money or enhance security (or both!). It’s a valid question. It sometimes gets confusing due to the ability to rekey a lock instead of replacing it. So what should you do; replace your lock, rekey your lock or just leave it alone? Here in Buford, GA we have a low crime rate but that doesn’t mean that one should take security lightly; just the opposite! Your best bet is to call our shop and discuss your particular situation with one of our licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths. If you don’t live in the area, we encourage you to call your locksmith of choice and go over your particular lock and key needs and wants. In the meantime read the rest of this post and you’ll learn more about what to discuss with your locksmith.

There is sometimes confusion about the two services. In fact, they are very different, so let’s take a closer look at each. Rekeys are less expensive and often, do the job you need. Instead of looking at cost, why not examine what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want more control over your key distribution? Rekeys and replacements both accomplish that. Think about it. How many people have a copy of your house key? On the surface, you can think of quite a few; you; your spouse or partner; your kids; and maybe an in-law, or two. Now drill a little deeper and think of likely key holders, now or in the recent past. This list is a little longer and can include realtors, property managers, former owners, the builder, contractors, delivery persons, babysitters, landscapers, friends of family, house guests, neighbors, house sitters and anyone else you can think of. Did they all turn their keys in at some point? Are you sure about that? Did any make copies of your key? Are you sure about that?

Having your lock rekeyed completely eliminates any problems with key distribution as you will need new keys in order to use or lock. What your locksmith does is this; he or she will keep your lock in place and just alter the inside pins and springs so that all keys are now null and void. You will get new keys, of course along with the benefit of saving money over full lock replacement. Another benefit of rekeying your lock is that the technician can see how your lock interior looks. Is it still in good shape or does it looks worn, rusted, or in any way damaged? Are there still troublesome master pins located inside the lock? Rekeying your locks gives you and your locksmith technician a glimpse into the condition of your lock and much can be learned from this inspection. Who knows? You may order a rekey job and decide upon full lock replacement based on the professional advice from your locksmith technician.

Replacement service

A lock replacement is just that; your locksmith changes the lock to a brand new one. Of course you will need new keys for this, too as your will be using an entirely different lock. This service costs a little more than the rekey job but you get the added benefit of brand new locks and in many cases, this change can mean an upgrade to stronger, better made hardware.

Another good reason to do a full lock replacement is crime damage. Let’s say you come home from vacation and notice that your front door lock looks different. Upon closer inspection, you notice that it’s been tampered with or even destroyed. Crooks are rough on locks when the goal is breaking and entering. Locks can be pried open, picked, blasted, shot, hammered, and even melted open! Obviously, if the lock is damaged, a rekey job will not be enough; you will need new locks altogether.

Lock upgrades

Maybe your locks are not damaged at all, but you would like stronger, more secure locks in their place. This is one of the best reasons for ordering a lock replacement; to enhance your security. One good example is the high security lock. These sturdy locks are solidly made of steel and are so well designed and built that they cannot be picked or pried open. They can’t be bumped, shot or even blasted open, either. Many homeowners and business operators have opted to install high security locks when their current locks were just fine. The new locks represented an upgrade that provides added protection and peace of mind for very little cost.

Auto lock replacement 

Replacing your car’s locks falls into the above categories; break-in damage and security upgrades. Car thieves are notorious for damaging ignition locks, trunk locks and especially door locks in their efforts to steal your car or its contents. You may have a car radio, GPS system, built-in television or items inside your glove box that appeal to crooks. Most people keep car insurance, registration, spare keys, garage door opener remotes and other items of value inside their vehicles and in their hurry to access these things, the crooks can seriously damage any locks that seem to block their access.

Commercial lock replacement 

There are many good reasons for replacing your business locks. Home and auto security is important but so is the protection and safety of your staff, customers and goods. In fact many livelihoods depend on your local business, including yours! Old, worn-out locks should always be replaced, and so should locks damaged by break-in attempts, crime, wear, weather and any other factor. Since many of these locks are actually built-in and part of the building structure, they can be written off taxes as a real estate upgrade or improvement. Locks can be replaced on desks, file cabinets, front and back doors, bathrooms, mailboxes, employee lockers, server rooms, break-rooms and on equipment like company cars, laptops, service vehicles, panic bars and much more.